The 21st century is marked by the development of new dominant computer and communication platforms such as smartphones and tablets. The ubiquity of information is launching a new revolution that has specific needs when it comes to processing requirements that are unique: in real-time, with high performance, low energy requirements, compact codes, and data segments. The paradigm known as the Internet of Things (IoT) was born. IoT is a system of interconnected machines, devices, sensors, and applications for collecting, transmitting, managing, and analyzing data used to track events, identify relationships, predict process outcomes, and improve their performance. Once the devices go digital, you can control them from any location.

Meraxes Solutions & Services enables you to utilize the transformative power of IoT to improve your performance and achieve better results by combining connected devices with automated systems to gather information, analyze it, and then activate custom processes. With enhanced tracking of devices/objects using sensors and the Internet, we provide real-time analytics to help you make better decisions. We will unlock the true potential of your business activity!


  1. We can provide integration with the devices you are already using
  2. Fast prototype development together with the introduction of its potential business value
  3. Possibility of combining the data with the systems already in place within the company
  4. Creation of business applications
  5. Monitoring and management of devices and business operations

Artificial intelligence will shape our future more than any other innovation of this century. We can help you fully adapt to it.

We provide full support for the implementation of the technology you need.

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