NAOS – Warehouse Management System

The software is an interactive, centralized system that allows relevant users to update key data and modify it in real time.

NAOS – WMS provides controlled processes, inventory precision and the ease of carrying out error-free transactions. Applying best practices and limiting complexity from a user’s point of view saves time and ensures easy implementation.

NAOS manages warehouses by accurately tracking the goods and inventory passing through your warehouse area. Warehouse managers are able to easily monitor each component, whether received, composed, or shipped. Manipulation tasks are carried out using a mobile device, in a fast and intuitive manner. Integrated with SAP Business One, it is an impeccable warehouse partner.


  • Better warehouse area utilization
  • Precise inventory records
  • Complete traceability using QR codes
  • Shorter order processing time
  • Accuracy of shipment creation
  • QR code-based locating (drop-off and go)
  • Minimum percentage of data entry errors
  • Maintaining optimum inventory

Some of the functionalities:

  • Goods receipt and goods issue
  • Inventory transfer
  • Pick list
  • Repacking
  • Summary declarations and their generation
  • QR code – generating and tracking
  • Bin location management
  • Advanced replenish
  • Pick and deposit
  • Pallet unit management
  • Cross docking
  • Notifications
  • Warehouse area management
  • Flexible algorithm-based warehouse management logic
  • Route planning within the warehouse area
  • Inventory counting
  • All operations are carried out without paper documentation
  • Reporting, KPI, dashboards
  • Multilingual interface

We are constantly upgrading the NAOS system by introducing new functionalities, so please fell free to contact us and learn about all the capabilities of this application.

NAOS Batch/Pallets Number Transaction Report

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